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American Airlines is one of the best and top-rated Airline company in America. So there are lots of people around the world who always prefer to do a job in American Airlines industry. So in this article, you will get detail information about the job opportunities that are being provided by the American Airlines company.

American Airlines is one of the major Airlines whose headquarters is at Forth wrath, Texas. This airline is considered as one of the biggest Airlines in the USA. This is because it is biggest in the fleet size, revenue, all the scheduled passengers they carry, number of the destination they have served and the last but not the least is that schedules passengers kilometers flown.

The short form of American Airlines is AA. Apart from all these things the other reason in which American Airlines is considered as the largest because they used to control all the domestic and International flights. They almost control 6,800 flights in their daily routine the destination is of 350 and their target is of more than 50 countries.

American Airlines

What are the benefits you will get if you are joining American Airlines as an employee?

There are millions of people who always choose to join American Airlines as there first job priority. This is because they used to give all the best benefits to their employees. So the followings are some of the points you should consider as a benefit for joining American Airlines as an employee and they are:

  • The salary is given by them are the best. Whatever company you will join you will never get that much salary as compared to American Airlines.
  • The second benefits are that if you are a caption of any flight then you will get more salary as compared to the other employees.
  • They will also provide you with the benefits of life insurance, accidental coverages, health coverages, etc.
  • While you are going to any country for your vacation. Then the American Airlines company will provide you with lots of benefits that include discounts on air tickets and discounts in Hotels also. This one is not only beneficial for you but for your family also.

These are some of the best reason for which the candidates always prefer to join the American Airlines company.

What are the types of career opportunities being provided by American Airline company?

The followings are some of the career opportunities being provided by American Airline company and they are:

  • Aviation maintenance technicians
  • Aviation technician lead
  • Cabin crew
  • Captain
  • Flight attendants
  • Fleet service clerk or agent
  • Customer service jobs
  • General manager
  • Material logistics stock clerk or as a specialist
  • Planner
  • Plant maintenance mechanics

Apart from all these jobs if you want to join American Airlines as an intern. Then also you will get lots of job opportunities. If you want to join as an intern then you should always keep in mind that you should be the best at communication skills.

How much salary does employees of American Airlines earns?

As you all know that the employees of American Airlines earn as compared to the other company. So the salary of the employees is $50,000 that is of per year. So if you are calculating the average that is based on the hour is $24. But as a captain in American Airlines, they used to earn about $160,000. So this much salary will not be given by any other Airline company


American Airlines is one of the best company in the USA and their salary is also very much. So in this article, you will get all the information about the job career you can prefer in American Airlines. So read this article and select your best career.

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