All You Need to Know About Home Depot Kids Workshop

In this article we will discuss about the Home Depot Kids Workshop and everything you need to know about it.

What Is It?
The workshop for kids are held every month free of cost. This activity is organized in unison at all the Home Depot stores across the country.
The activity is definitely free and that doesn’t mean that the quality is low. In fact, is one of the favorite leisure activities that you kid can attend.

The workshop happens for about 1-3 hours every month, where your kid will learn to create a unique and fun object every time. Every month, the project changes to eliminate repetitiveness and to continue the interest of kids around the workshop.

Home Depot Kids Workshop

They also get fun props before and after the activity. Before the commencement, they get a free kid-sized orange apron and all kinds of tools for creating a wooden art form. After the completion of the project, they get a certificate of achievement and a commemorative pin for their participation.

They get a free project kit, that they have to finish until the time allotted. Once the kid is done with it, he/she can take home the masterpiece and boast about it all they want. It is not compulsory to finish the project, but it is compulsory that they have fun while doing it.
The Home Depot always appreciated team players. Your kid can swing a hammer, not to beat someone up, but to built something up. Everything is well supervised so that the kids don gets hurt while the activity.

It gives them an opportunity to build their own wooden masterpiece all at once. The workshops projects range from wooden calendars to a Valentine’s Day Bean Bag Toss to mini golf course sets and so many more. Usually the timing varies between 9am in the morning to 12pm in the afternoon.
The workshop is designed for kids who fall between the ages of 5-12. Though this is the pre-set limit, but the company will also happily welcome the kids outside the limit. The company makes sure that there is something for everyone.

Registering your Kid for the Workshop

Such opportunities bring out a set of skill building, innovativeness, creativity and so many more qualities in a kid. You don’t have to worry about the safety of the kids as even the parents can come with them for additional supervision.
It is very easy to get your son or daughter to register for the workshop.
You just need to follow the below mentioned steps one by one to avoid any confusion while registration-

  1. Visit the webpage of the workshops with the help of the following URL-
  2. Find your nearest store by entering your zip code or city.
  3. Scroll down to the upcoming Home Depot Kids workshop and click on the option ‘Register’
  4. Enter the first name, the last name and the email id (email id should be yours, so that the details can be communicated) of your kid. If you want to add the participant, click on the ‘Add a Participant’.
  5. Once you have filled the asked information, click on ‘Complete Registration’ option.

Make sure to register your kids early for the session because the spots fill faster for such workshops. Your kid will have the opportunity of a lifetime and will learn something new out of it as well.

An adult will always stay with the kid for proper supervision. You don’t have to worry about their safety anymore.

There are other workshops that are specifically meant for adults.
The Home Depot Kids Workshop is great for both boys and girls as they develop a sense of belongingness towards each other and the community.

Don’t wait up for long, as the spot will fill faster than you can imagine and finally end up losing the opportunity. Follow the steps mentioned above and give your kid a chance to have fun building miniature masterpiece to show them off to everyone.


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